Thursday 29 November 2012

Goan Culture

Goan’s cultural and traditions shines brightly and colourful ever since many decades, Goan Traditions are imbibed with the spirit which embraces dances, folk songs, arts, music which has been fashioned mostly by the Hindu and Catholic inhabitants. Goan People are mostly easy going and very friendly to interact with.  Goan’s are born as a music lover. The Golden Goa streets are always tuned to the ecstasy of music and joy to happiness.
The Portuguese history of this state is a perfect combination of the Indian and Iberian, the Hindu and the Christian with majority to be Hindus. Goan’s have always ensured to live in peace, amity and harmony for decades and centuries. Goa is a multi-ethnic state which makes the Goan cultural an affairs and traditions to be more lively and colorful, The Goan rich and colorful culture not only a time for local Goan’s but it ensures that the all-round the globe tourist as well participate in each other's many feasts and events.
 While you travel to Goa, you will discover that the land of golden paradise Goa is well-known for its all festivals but exclusively the familiar carnivals which are parades of celebration to numerous Goan’s and tourists going to Goa. That is how the culture and the tradition of Goa have been named to be a colorful and bright to many all.

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