Wednesday 21 November 2012

In and Around Goa

Goa is one of the smallest states known to many travellers as a holiday destination stop, Golden Goa which is positioned in India’s West coast line, fenced with Coconut palm trees which are existent in nearly the whole of Goa. Goa might be India's smallest State but with its biggest heart attracts and welcomes every year countless tourists from all around the globe. The coconut palm and the cashew hold an essential role to grace and design Goa as a one-time stop holiday destination and a door to paradise in the heart and mind of all tourists.Goa with its frontal Portuguese association have a Prolific and rich history for all travellers around the globe, Travellers who had visited this lovely land of triple S.S.S (Sun, Sand n Sea) would never regret to travel one more time to utter a peaceful holiday for relaxation, Rejuvenate and to cherish it’s Pristine beaches once again along with their loved once. Goa is a heaven for vacation to many tourists. Goa has been attracting a secure flow of visitors each year from different nationalities all around the world. Goa has the most attractive Churches, Temples, Beaches, Lakes, Forts, museums and Well-designed Hotels and Affordable Guest Houses. Amongst all its beaches one of the finest and popular beach is positioned in the north slice of Goa identified as Candolim Beach known to be peaceful for its placid and relaxing environment which is to be less noisy and unspoiled beach that is none-other than Candolim Beach. Goa Planet for joy, bliss, spiritual enlightenment and pleasure. Goa is a place for joy and Nirvana forever.  To conclude about Goa would be a place with unfading memory for travellers and a tourism destination in India. Simply a Golden Paradise for many regular travellers on an extended term stays as well as a Short term stay.

Goan Culture
Goan’s cultural and traditions shines brightly and colourful ever since many decades, Goan Traditions are imbibed with the spirit which embraces dances, folk songs, arts, music which has been fashioned mostly by the Hindu and Catholic inhabitants. Goan People are mostly easy going and very friendly to interact with.  Goan’s are born as a music lover. The Golden Goa streets are always tuned to the ecstasy of music and joy to happiness.
The Portuguese history of this state is a perfect combination of the Indian and Iberian, the Hindu and the Christian with majority to be Hindus. Goan’s have always ensured to live in peace, amity and harmony for decades and centuries. Goa is a multi-ethnic state which makes the Goan cultural an affairs and traditions to be more lively and colorful, The Goan rich and colorful culture not only a time for local Goan’s but it ensures that the all-round the globe tourist as well participate in each others many feasts and events.
 While you travel to Goa, you will discover that the land of golden paradise Goa is well-known for its all festivals but exclusively the familiar carnivals which are parades of celebration to numerous Goan’s and tourists going to Goa. That is how the culture and the tradition of Goa have been named to be a colorful and bright to many all.

Cities in Goa

Panaji – Capital of Goa.  Panaji or Panjim is the heart of Goa. Whereby Panaji ( Panjim) city is just an Approx.11 kilometre away from Candolim and its Pristine Beach known as Candolim Beach. Panaji city is surrounded with churches, Heritage Houses, Museums, Multiplex theater and Boat Casino’s with gaming destination. Walk around the paths of Panaji for soaking in the beautiful Portuguese architecture to have a widespread view of this gorgeous city.  Panaji city is set aside clean and well maintained for tourist and visitors.
Margao – following Panaji is another leading city in the state of Goa known as Margoa city which is positioned in the south slice of Goa. Margao is in distance and kilometre Approx. 33 K.M away from the capital state of Goa which is Panaji. Margao is well-known for its amusing ancient past and diverse ethnic legacy. This city is known for its marketable Look and it is a main commercial hub of Goa for shopping with hustle and bustle which is reasonably unbelievable.
Vasco Da Gama – Vasco Da Gama is an important city that is positioned in the south slice of Goa and known as a port city. Vasco Da Gama is in distance and kilometre Approx. 29 K.M away from the capital State of Goa which is Panaji. Vasco da Gama town remains an important shipping hub and port in Goa. Travellers at times do travel toward Vasco da Gama to discover the well famed beach and green Parks. Tourism in Vasco Da Gama has certainly not jammed up much since it is mostly a busy commercial centre and significant trade hub. Nevertheless, it has a specific popular traveller charms who would visit the Vasco Gama for its Green Parks and beach. Generally it is a commercial city, however is not much to do for the tourist in Vasco da Gama. Still the green parks and close by beaches do deliver an alternative choice to spend a few hours in an ease and relaxation.
Mapusa – The third largest city of Goa state, Mapusa is a preferred tourism starting point amongst all folks. Mapusa city is positioned in the North slice of Goa. Mapusa is in distance and kilometre Approx. 12 K.M away from the capital State of Goa which is Panaji.  Mapusa is the foremost marketable hub in North Goa, whereby Mapusa city is just an Approx. of 8 K.M away from Candolim and its Pristine Beach known as Candolim Beach. It is mainly a town for residents, Mapusa a place with crowd for shopping and commercial necessities and requirements. Mapusa though has an identical multi-coloured and bright weekly Friday Market, which kick starts from early morning to late evening. Mapusa town which progressively fascinates a numeral of tourists to its market to shop until you drop. Mapusa is also known as a city which is close to all well-known beaches in Goa. Hence mapusa is a marketable town for shopping and a major market for purchasing cashews, therefore the number of hotels and affordable guest houses are limited. The amusing ancient heritage of the Portugal regulation in India is realized and appreciated in the form of ancient monuments and forts.
Ponda Ponda city is positioned in the North slice of Goa. Ponda is in distance and kilometre Approx. 30 K.M away from the capital State of Goa which is Panaji.  Ponda city with the majority of Hinduism and it is recognised city as the core of Hinduism in Goa. Ponda is known by travellers as a Temple Town of Goa. Tourists travel and stopovers to Ponda city to worship its well-known temples which contribute a boost to tourism in Ponda, Apart from temples in Ponda, Tourist do stopover to spend and discover the wildlife sanctuary which is a perfect retreat for nature lovers.  Travel to Ponda to just explore its wildlife sanctuary and well known temples.

Beaches in Goa
North Goa Tour with most popular Golden Beaches
Aguada Beach, Anjuna Beach, Arambol Beach, Baga Beach, Calagute Beach, Candolim beach, Miramar Beach, Morjim Beach, Sinquerim Beach and Vagator Beach, These are the golden beaches situates in North of Goa. All the tourist and foreign origin travelers from around the globe travel miles to adventure these beaches with adoration and similarly admire these beaches for its fashioned like fresh daydream. Beaches in North Goa are known as golden sand. All these beaches have designed Goa as a Tourist's Paradise and a planet for absolute relaxation, serene and a holiday destination. There are unchanged virgin stretches of sand for the isolation explorer and there are those ones mobbed with people in every four-sided feet of sand to just be with the beauty of nature from sun rise to sun set (Dawn to Dusk). These beaches are tailored by the crystal sparkling and clear water of vast Arabian Sea.

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